Metals Accounts

Opening a UBA is a good alternative to playing the stock market. The holder of the account receives income from the growth in the value of precious metals.

Unallocated bullion account (UBA) is an account reflecting the customer's precious metal in grams without specifying the individual details (number of bars, rate, manufacturer, serial number, etc.).

By speculating in the quotations of precious metals, a UBA holder may receive income just as by playing the stock market.

Unallocated bullion accounts have a number of benefits:

  • a possibility of earning income from the growth in the value of precious metals;
  • instant purchase/sale of metal upon its circulation;
  • no VAT on the purchase and sale of precious metals in unallocated form;
  • no fee for opening and managing an account;
  • a possibility to obtain precious metal in bullion (18% VAT is imposed);
  • a possibility for a UBA to be issued in the name of minor.
  • Ensure that the selected branch can open a UBA and that you can buy unallocated metal by debiting your account.
  • Unallocated bullion accounts are not subject to the law on deposit insurance.
  • In accordance with the tax law of Russia, upon receipt of income from the sale of precious metals, including from UBA transactions, private individuals calculate and pay personal income tax themselves. Personal income tax is not imposed on income from the sale of precious metal owned by a private individuals for three and more years. A private individuals is entitled to a property tax deduction.