General Information

Sberbank customers can perform transactions with various stock market instruments on the following stock exchange platforms:

  • Main Market Sector of Moscow Exchange Group (shares, government, corporate, municipal and subfederal bonds)
  • FORTS derivatives market (futures contracts)
  • Over-the-counter market (eurobonds, share depositary receipts (ADR/GDR) and shares (stakes) of foreign investment funds – ETF)

In addition, Sberbank of Russia offers clients over-the-counter repurchase transactions (OTC-REPO), which enable the client to obtain funds secured against securities contained in the client's portfolio.

There are several ways to interact with a broker when making transactions:

  • Submission of applications in one of the Internet-trading systems (as selected by the client): QUIK or FOCUS IV online
  • Placing orders by phone at the "trade-desk" specialised service
  • Submitting an order in person at the location of service provision

As part of brokerage services, customers are provided with information and technical support.