Investment Life Insurance

An investment and insurance product that combines potentially unlimited income and the optimal level of insurance protection.

Investment life insurance programmes are available to customers of Sberbank Premier and Sberbank First.

In the investment life insurance programmes, the customer contribution under the insurance programme is divided into two parts:

  • the first part is placed in the high-yield investment instruments (underlying assets) and allows the customer to obtain a potentially unlimited investment income due to the growth in the value of the underlying asset;
  • the second part is placed in risk-free investment instruments, which helps protect the invested funds in the event of a negative scenario on the stock market.

Therefore, the return of all funds invested in the insurance programme to the customer is guaranteed at the end of the programme, even in the event of a fall in the value of underlying asset. Insurance payment obligations are an unconditional obligation of the insurance company and are set forth in the insurance contract at its conclusion.

The investment insurance programme allows you to:

  1. Invest funds in the stock market without the risk of losing your investment.
  2. Preserve your capital by using the tax and legal benefits of the programme: 
    — The tax base for personal income tax is reduced by the Bank of Russia refinancing rate; the insurance payment at the insured event is not subject to personal income tax;
    — The funds invested in the insurance programme are not subject to confiscation, recovery and are not included in joint property in case of divorce; 
    — No need to wait 6 months to receive an inheritance – if the insurance contract specifies the beneficiaries in the event of death, the insurance payment is not included in the inheritance and will be made to the person designated as the beneficiary within the period established by the insurance contract (as a rule, 30 days);
  3. Minimum tax losses when transferring your savings to loved ones.
  4. Obtain reliable protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances related to life and health.
  1. Invested funds are distributed between the conservative (OFZ bonds, deposits) and aggressive (stocks, metals, oil, food products) investment instruments.
  2. Conservative investment instruments ensure the return of invested funds at the end of the programme.
  3. Aggressive investment instruments (Investment Fund) are managed by using an exclusive investment strategy, which allows you to maximize profits during the growth of Investment Fund (underlying asset) and reduces losses when it falls.

According to your selection, the funds can be invested in:

  • RTS index stocks, the main indicator of the Russian economy;
  • Top-tier stocks of U.S. companies;
  • Top-tier stocks of largest companies in BRIC countries, the most dynamic economies in the world;
  • Top-tier stocks of companies in the Asia-Pacific (China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea);
  • Global bond fund made of four bond funds of largest U.S. and British investment houses;
  • Oil, gold (or basket of precious metals);
  • Stocks of world-renowned producers of consumer goods;
  • Stocks of telecommunication and global Internet companies;
  • Stocks of Sberbank of Russia;
  • Combined raw material basket made of agribusiness products, industrial metals, precious metals and fuel;
  • Stock portfolio of Sberbank of Russia / Rosneft / MMC Norilsk Nickel.