Travel Insurance

Sberbank offers its customers a programme provided by its partner insurance companies to insure travellers and minimise any unexpected expenses during the trip.

What to do in case of an insured event

In case of an insured event, call the insurance company and provide your policy number, after which you will receive the required assistance.

Participation in the programme is voluntary. Refusal to participate in the programme does not affect the provision of banking services. Learn more about partner insurance companies, the cost of insurance programmes and options for selecting the sum insured at any branch of the Bank.

Insured Events:

  • medical and medical transportation expenses;
  • return of children/visit by family members;
  • liability insurance;
  • luggage and personal property insurance;
  • expenses associated with flight delay;
  • expenses on obtaining legal aid;
  • expenses on interpreter/translator services;
  • expenses on obtaining administrative assistance;
  • expenses on urgent messages.