"Top-up Online" Deposit Account

A replenishable deposit for those who prefer to save and regularly accumulate their funds.
A higher interest rate than when opening a similar deposit at an office.

  • Annual Interest Rate: 
    — depends on amount and deposit term
  • Deposit Term: 3 months – 3 years, inclusive
  • Top-ups allowed
  • No partial withdrawals
  • Minimum Amount: 
    — RUB 1000/USD 100/EUR 100
Deposit termBy agreement, up to a date: 3 month – 3 years, inclusive
Minimum amountRUB 1,000/USD 100/EUR 100
Top-upCash: from RUB 1,000/USD 100/EUR 100
Non-cash: no limits
Partial withdrawalNot allowed

Interest Calculation:

  • Interest is calculated on a monthly basis.
  • Accrued interest is added to the deposit amount to increase the income in subsequent periods.
  • You can withdraw the accrued interest, or transfer it to your card account.


Early Termination:

  • For deposits with terms of up to 6 months (inclusive) — based on the interest rate established by the Bank for demand deposit accounts.
  • For deposits with terms exceeding 6 months:
    • - When withdrawing a deposit within the first 6 months of the principal (renewed) term — based on an interest rate of 0.01% p.a.
    • - When withdrawing a deposit after the first 6 months of the principal (renewed) term — based on two-thirds of the interest rate set by the Bank for this type of deposits as of the date of opening (renewing) the deposit account.

If the deposit account is closed early, the interest will be recalculated without the monthly interest capitalization.


Terms of Renewal:

  • Automatic renewal is subject to the terms and interest rate effective for the "Top-up Online" deposit account as of the date of renewal.
  • No limits on the number of renewals.


Special Terms:

  • Deposit accounts have a maximum limit. The maximum amount is equal to the initial contribution (in case of renewal — the balance of deposit as of the date of renewal) increased by 10x. If the deposit amount exceeds the maximum amount, the interest on the difference between the actual deposit amount and the maximum amount will be calculated at the rate of one half of the rate on the deposit effective at the date the maximum amount is exceeded. The reduced interest rate will be applied from the day following the date the maximum amount is exceeded.
  • If the deposit with a balance exceeding the Maximum Amount is withdrawn after 6 months of the principal/renewed term, then, in addition to the two-thirds factor, a reduction factor of one-half will be applied to the difference between the actual balance and the Maximum Amount. These factors will be applied to the interest rate effective for the deposit as of the date of its opening/renewal.
  • The limit on the maximum amount does not apply to "Top-up Online " deposits opened by pensioners
    Special terms and conditions for depositors who are near or have reached retirement age.
  • Deposits opened by pensioners have the maximum interest rate for the selected period, regardless of the deposit amount.
  • Customers nearing retirement age can benefit from automatic transfer to the best interest rates of the Bank after they reach retirement age and renew their deposit.