Visa Prepaid Card

A modern and convenient way of gifting — a real international bank card!

  • Par value — up to RUB 15,000
  • Charge-free service
  • Offline and online shopping
  • No documents are required for purchase

A modern and convenient way of gifting — a real international bank card!

You still don't know what to give your friend and colleague as a gift? Sberbank Visa Prepaid Card is a modern way to bring joy to your loved ones by giving them the chance to choose for themselves.

The Sberbank Visa Prepaid Card bears images of the mascots and symbols of the Sochi 2014 XXII Winter Olympic Games, making an ideal gift for all sports enthusiasts.

Payment system:Visa
Currency of card account:RUB
Card effective period:up to 1 year
Service fee:free
Par value:up to 15,000 RUB
Electronic chip protection:no
Issue of additional bank cards:no
Overdraft limit:no
Issued as part of a payroll card programme:no

To receive a card:

You can purchase a prepaid card in Euroset outlets located at: 32 Zolotorozhsky Val, Moscow, and 36/40 Sredniy Vasilyevskiy Ostrov Avenue, Vasilyevskiy Island, Saint Petersburg.

  • Discount and special offer programmes from the Visa international payment system (
  • Clarification of balance and completed transactions

You can obtain information on the card balance and transactions performed via a text message or by phone. To obtain your card balance via text message, send a text message "Balance 252**********" to 6470 number, where 252********** is the number on the back of your card (a text message will cost around RUB 3).

You may also obtain information on the last 5 transactions on your Sberbank Prepaid Visa at the Contact Centre of Sberbank of Russia by calling 8-800-555-5550 and then following the voice menu prompts.

  • Cashless payment for goods and services both in Russia and abroad

    You pay with the prepaid card in the same way as you pay with any other bank card. The cardholder should sign within the signature strip on the back of the card and present the card to the cashier.

  • Online payment for goods and services

    To shop in online stores in Russia and abroad, the cardholder should indicate the 16-digit card number (located on the front of the card), the 3-digit CVV2 code on the back of the card, and a Latin transcription of their name and surname (as it appears in their international passport).

You cannot top up a Sberbank Prepaid Visa card.


Card Locking in Case of Loss